| Preziosa Young Design Competition 2019 |

Since 2008, LAO has also organized the collateral exhibition “Preziosa Young”, dedicated to emerging artists selected through an international competition. The aim is to contribute to the circulation of what is new in research jewellery, as well as showcase what the new generations of goldsmiths/designers/artists are “brewing”. Thanks to the seriousness of intent, to the visibility and promotion deals to selected artists, and to the high profile of the jury, PYOUNG has become a prestigious worldwide event.

In 2019, the jury composed of artists, curators, teachers and gallerist finally selected 3 young artists. Click for more information.

The artists who received the most votes from the jurors were:
• Yajie Hu, from China;
• Koen Jacobs, from the Netherlands;
• Jongseok Lim, from the Republic of Korea.

The jury team consists of:
• Maria Cristina Bergesio, art critic, curator, teacher.
• Tasso Mattar, artist and curator.
• Maria Rosa Franzin, artist and teacher.
• Robert Mazlo, artist and gallerist (La Joaillerie par Mazlo), Paris.
• Irene Belfi, gallerist (Irene Belfi Gallery), Milan.

22 - 25 Feb 2019 Inhorgenta, Internationalen Handwerksmesse München, Munich, Germany
6 - 9 Apr 2019 Oro Arezzo, Arezzo, Italy
16 - 19 May 2019 Artigianato e Palazzo, Florence, Italy
27 Jun - 05 Jul 2019 Cartavetra Gallery, Florenze, Italy
11 - 28 Jul 2019 Gallery LA Joaillerie par Mazlo, Paris, France
04 Oct - 03 Nov 2019 San Rocco Oratory, Padua, Italy
15 - 31 Jan 2020 Belfi Gallery, Milan, Italy

Preziosa Young 2019 in Florence
from Preziosa Young YouTube channel

Preziosa Young 2019 in Paris & Padua
filmed and edited by Yajie Hu

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